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At the Workshop


At the workshop we are interested in designing mobile devices that better support out face-to-face interaction. What are different application concepts and/or interaction techniques that encourage and support co-located interaction? In the workshop we explored “how” mobile devices can do so with a help of the Framework by Lundgren et al.

Participants were split into groups and given a design task. Here are awesome ideas generated in the workshop with Lundgren et al. framework as a design tool.

Social Music in Public Transport

The iBrush

Collocated Content Sharing

Broadcasting Audio Mood (BAM)


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Quick Info

Personal or Social? Workshop is organized in conjunction with NordiCHI2014 in Helsinki, Finland

Attending and Registeration

Don't forget to Register for Personal or Social? (WS15) at NodiCHI Conference

Important Dates

Workshop submission deadline: August 14 2014 (extended to August 28)
Feedback to the authors: September 10, 2014
Early Bird registration: September 18, 2014 at NordiCHI2014
Camera-ready version: October 10, 2014
Workshop at NordiCHI 2014: October 27, 2014

Personal or Social? Workshop DayOctober 27th, 2014
Let's enjoy the workshop!
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